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How Can Smart Parking Help People with Disabilities?

Less than 65% of people with disabilities drive a car or any other motorized vehicle in the United States. Instead, most people deal with walking disabilities and diminished vision using canes, crutches, wheelchairs, and motorized scooters. Most of them drive five days a week, but with several self-imposed restrictions.

Disabled people generally go at lower speeds for essential work only. Exploring new places can be daunting for people with disabilities since navigating traffic and finding a suitable parking place can be tedious. In addition, it severely restricts their mobility and degrades their quality of life.

In addition, they are facing big challenges in finding handicapped or regular parking spots. Most of the time, non-disabled drivers use disabled bays just because they are available. Sure, they pay a small fine if caught, but a valuable parking spot reserved for the disabled is lost for several hours.

Today, numerous issues are associated with accessibility in parking, but most of them can be resolved using smart parking.

How can smart parking assist people with disabilities?

Smart parking can help disabled & non-disabled drivers find and book parking spots in real-time. Car parking apps alert them of vacant bays in a parking garage or on the street. They can also book parking spots near their destination. Once they know where to park, driving to that parking spot will become easy.

Smart parking enhances mobility for people with disabilities. Smart parking also empowers them to be less reliant on others to drive to a new place, helping them integrate with society more seamlessly.

Smart parking benefits citizens with disabilities. There are other ways:

Prevent non-disabled encroachers

Since smart parking technology can remotely operate barriers of parking bays, they can prevent a non-disabled driver from entering an accessible parking spot. For this to work, a smart parking system will collect data on the local authorities' registered license plates of those with disabilities.

Automate booking and payment

Smart parking is an end-to-end solution that combines technology and human innovation to use as few resources as possible to achieve faster, easier and denser parking of vehicles. Smart parking doesn't just offer information about vacant parking spots. Users can book a parking space in advance, which provides a halt-free parking experience. In addition, it is highly beneficial for people with disabilities as they only have to step in and out of their vehicles occasionally.

Provide advanced safety and control

People with disabilities are more vulnerable to incidents of robbery and violence inside a parking lot. But not when they're under close surveillance and guided by smart parking systems. With the help of surveillance cameras, smart parking systems can instantly alert authorities and raise alarms if there is suspicious activity in the parking lot or someone uses a reserved parking bay without authorization.

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Wrapping up

It's a fact that a whopping 30% of urban congestion directly results from drivers looking for suitable parking spots. Smart parking includes people with disabilities as well. Smart parking can help governments rid the streets of congestion by creating a seamless and accessible experience for all citizens, including those with disabilities.

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