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Parking Apps - A Day in the Life of a Driver

Many new and seasoned drivers find parking their car, whether it's a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, to be a challenging endeavor.

For American drivers, finding a parking spot is more difficult than ever.

Did you know?

Drivers spend an average of 17 hours a year looking for car parking lots on the streets, in parking lots, or garages.

Surprising. Isn't it?

Causes of Parking Problems

The term "parking difficulty" in cities and urban regions refers to a discrepancy between parking demand (the number of cars in need of parking spaces) and parking supply (the number of parking spaces available) (number of parking spaces sufficient for cars in need to park). This discrepancy exists for numerous reasons:

1. Most antique and historical cities, particularly capitals, were designed with small streets where horses pulled carts rather than cars. Furthermore, the population densities of these cities were lower during the period compared to the current densities of the same cities and territories. Because city streets cannot be changed over time, except for very significant reasons and in minimal circumstances, these narrow roadways are forced to accommodate all types of vehicles in high densities for moving and parking, a load that exceeds their planned capacity.

2. The concentration of activities and facilities that demand a high rate of cars in the exact location, such as commercial facilities, office buildings, and government institutions in the city's CBD or district centers.

3. There is usually a miscalculation of parking demand projected in new cities and new planned metropolitan areas due to the unexpectedly high rate of car ownership, particularly among the population of high and middle-income classes. Due to the failure of the mass transit systems provided in these new locations to make individuals of these classes rely on them for their work and leisure journeys.

4. The breach of building rules and zoning regulations specifies specific construction uses and floor counts for each location and the provision of garages in basements. This breach affects all calculations made by planners to provide enough parking spots for cars in certain areas.

What is a Parking app?

Parking app is a smartphone application that direct you to open parking places near a specific destination. Interactive real-time parking maps, tools to evaluate various parking facilities, the ability to schedule a parking spot and pay for it online, and contactless entry to a parking lot are all features that make a mobile parking app better. For metered street parking, some localities additionally provide a pay-by-app option. These apps might help you feed the meter from afar and extend your parking time.

Why should you use a parking app?

How many hours does the average American spend looking for a parking spot? Every year, They work for 17 hours! Yes, all of the time lost driving around in circles looking for a parking spot adds up to nearly a day. However, you may save a lot of time using a parking app. Even if you're looking for a parking spot at the last minute, you can rapidly search for available parking spaces near you and book one using the best parking app—no need to pull into the first garage you see and pay the highest rate. The app's parking capabilities allow you to compare your alternatives and find the best rates in your area. You can also find out how far a parking lot is from your location and get driving directions to your assured parking spot.

Online parking apps provide the most transparency regarding parking lot charges and rules. When you arrive at the garage, there will be no unexpected price increases or changes to the parking policy. You can see all relevant details and pay the online rate for the location while making the reservation. On online reservations, most parking providers offer special rates or exclusive discounts. Cashless payments also allow you to get to your chosen parking location without making a phone call. Finally, parking apps aid in the efficient administration of parking spaces.

Solving Traffic Issues with Smart Parking

An innovative parking system can effectively address the issue because inadequate facility management and a lack of traffic data are the primary causes of illegal on-street parking. Sensors and devices in intelligent parking apps like Let's Park can measure and store data about traffic density and intensity in target regions. This data can be used to track traffic flow and assist local governments in improving parking and traffic management.

Vehicle owners will immediately minimize their use of unlawful spaces if better and safer parking facilities are provided. As a result, an intelligent parking system can provide facility owners with tools for better management and help to reduce traffic congestion.

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