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Seattle's 72-Hour Parking Rule

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the city's transportation department temporarily suspended it during the Spring 2020. But, with the staggering increase in abandoned vehicles, the rule is all set to come into action once again.

What is the 72-hour parking rule?

According to Seattle's traffic code, you cannot park a vehicle on the same block of a city street for more than 72 consecutive hours because public streets are not appropriate for long-term vehicle storage. These parking laws also aim to prevent people from leaving unused or broken vehicles on the city's streets.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has said that car owners must move their cars every 3 days to another block not to receive a citation. Suppose somebody violates this parking rule can face a $44 ticket and the risk of getting their vehicle towed. The 72-hour parking regulation does not apply to metered parking zones.

A press release by SDOT is that the authorities will not seize a vehicle with a person in it unless it poses a specific public health risk. Health risks include immediate injury or illness or health and safety issues.

The first step of this rule's enforcement for any vehicle will be an official warning notice giving the owner at least 72 hours to move their vehicle. They will not violate the rule if they willingly move their car to a different location within the timeline.

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Why is the rule needed?

In the last few months, SDOT has seen an increase in requests to clear abandoned vehicles from the streets in Seattle. The rule is important for restoring mobility for other vehicles on the streets.

After the pandemic period, It is the right time to enforce the 72-hour parking restriction. The focus will remain on the unoccupied vehicles dumped over the past 19 months. While eventually, all vehicle owners must get into the habit of moving their cars regularly to avoid a ticket and warning.

Since the government set the enforcement of this law on hold for a significant amount of time, the city municipality expects it will take a long time to respond to the requests to remove abandoned cars currently on the streets. The people of Seattle can also help the government by reporting abandoned vehicles through the mobile application "Find It, Fix It".


Although enforcing the 72-hour parking rule is critical at the moment, there needs to be a telling if it will solve the crisis of abandoned vehicles in the city. However, it's safe to say that this rule is well-intended but requires effective execution by the city's transport department to produce desired results.

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